Part 2: Getting Ready.

So, here we are.

We had just bought the property, and sold our house to finance this crazy adventure.

Settlement was on March 31st. We spent the next month getting the shed “live-able”.

Cooking lunch at a BBQ before we moved in


Putting in another wood heater, putting in some fencing so the dogs didn’t disappear into the bush. Putting in loads of insulation. Setting up a kind of bush-kitchen. Getting the place comfortable enough to spend a year or two in.

My Diary:  Sunday May 9, 2010.  (mother’s day, ironically enough)

Have spent all day out at the block, helping Kane and his Dad setting the place up. Looks like its progressing well. Need to remember to ring my Dad to wish him a Happy Birthday when I get home.

But I’m going to stop at the supermarket on the way home from the block and grab some groceries.

*in the toiletries aisle of the supermarket*

“I wonder if I should grab some pads just in case…actually when IS my period due? I think I’m late? Maybe I should grab a pregnancy test too?”

So I got home.

Kane and his Dad were still at the block, working on the shed.

Kane didn’t actually OWN a mobile phone at this point in time.

So I got home, fed the dogs, started to get dinner ready…then decided I better do this test.


2 lines.



The phone rang.


It was Kane, ringing from his Dad’s phone to say they were still working on the shed and wouldn’t be home for a few more hours. I said “ok then, see you when you get home.”

We *had* talked about having a baby, but mostly in a “it might happen but it might not” kind-of-way. But it looked like it was happening much sooner rather than later.

Oh shit.

I rang my Dad, and wished him a Happy Birthday.

My brain pinging with a million different things to say, but unable to say any of them.


Finally, Kane got home.

I can’t even remember exactly what I said, I vaguely remember laughing and crying and saying “what the hell are we going to do now?”



Stay tuned for part 3 😉

**** this post was originally published on our old blog Mama Up the Mountain/This is Beck in 2011****

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