Part 4: The next year

The next 12 months practically flew by.

Trying to bottle feed baby goats without my massive 39 weeks pregnant belly getting in the way!

Baby made her entrance into the world two weeks late and we found ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of being first-time parents.

Introducing baby Scout

We found a new architect, because our previous one had spent 10 months drawing up something that was completely not what we asked for and totally unsuited to the kind of building we wanted to create.

I was busy learning to be a mum and enjoying all the ‘firsts’ that go with that (first smiles, teeth, easter, trips to the beach etc) Our doggies went and got themselves lost in the bush, one for three days, one for five days but they both made it home ok. We got snow twice, bit cold but great fun and my husky really loved it!

My snow wolf

Our owner-builder application got approved and we figured the local council couldn’t take much longer to approve our plans. Then another run of bad luck struck.

The local council decided to be difficult and made us sign an agreement about the use of our land, which changes nothing for us, but costs us more time and money. Neither of which we had to spare.

Then one day at the end of November, our doggies were playing outside, running around as usual, when my husky came back looking a bit unwell. I googled her symptoms (panting hard, whimpering, throwing up) and couldn’t find anything, so we took her to our vet who did a blood test and told us she’d been bitten by a snake and we’d have to take her down to the Animal Emergency Hospital for intensive care. She stayed there for 5 days, we visited her every single day and she looked like she was slowly starting to get better.

Then at 1am one morning, I got the call I never wanted to get, the vet rang and said that her condition was deteriorating fast and we’d better get down there now. My poor fluffy died before we could get there to say goodbye. We were both devastated, she was only 3 years old, practically still a baby. I was an absolute mess for months afterwards. Scout had just started to reach out her chubby little arms to pat her and was trying to say “Fee”. (Phoebe)

My favourite photo of our little family all together

It was a pretty quiet christmas and new years for us, but slowly our lives got back to some kind of normal. We got back to planning our wedding, we got our approved permit from the council to start building, Scout had her first birthday, and we poured the slab for the house the very next day.

Pouring the slab!!!

Progress! YAY! Break out the champagne…

Till next time,

Beck xxx


**** this post was originally published on our old blog Mama Up the Mountain/This is Beck in 2011****

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