How do you do it?

Hiya peeps.

A few people have asked me how we can possibly afford to build a house when we both haven’t worked at proper jobs for years.

The answer is simple, really.


Sacrificing lifestyle now for a better lifestyle in the future.
Sacrificing comfort now for getting into the new house sooner.

It’s no secret that we’ll be completely, stone-flat broke by the time this house is finished.

We’ve had to scrimp and save, take little bits of work here or there, lucky Kane’s had a few jobs along the way (he’s self employed), I’ve done market stalls and the occasional hair do from home… it definitely hasn’t been easy but I also think we’re pretty lucky to be able to do it this way.

One thing we’ve had to do is give up on “luxuries” to get to our end goal faster.
Not getting my hair or nails done, no gym memberships, new cars or pay tv.  It’s lucky we’re both into vintage fashion and love scouring op shops and markets for unique finds. It’s about not buying the little extra things you tend to spend money on without really thinking about it; a take away coffee, bottle of water or coke from the servo, meal planning,  remembering to pack snacks for the kids when we go out, magazines and newspaper, taking water bottles out with us (good for you, good for the environment, and you save money not buying soft drinks)

And it’s kind of impossible to have much of a social life with 2 kids and pets  and trying to save money.  Entertaining at the shed can be difficult. It’s not so bad in summer when the weather is perfect for an evening bbq outdoors, but as soon as it gets cold – forget it! The shed is pretty cramped, open plan living means that its too noisy for the kids to go to bed if people are socialising upstairs. So my social life kind of disappears in the cooler weather.

A really hard one for both of us has been music.
We both have ridiculously large cd collections and really, REALLY,  love going to see live music, but hey – that’s what birthday and Christmas presents are for, right? We do make sure we’ve always got something left over in the budget for treats, otherwise what’s the point? You can’t work too hard without a reward without getting totally burnt out.

And there’s absolutely no way we would be able to do it without help.

All kinds of help that have been absolute lifesavers, from something as simple as watching the kids for a couple of hours so I can help Kane do stuff on the building site, or some fresh veggies from someone’s garden, or just a sympathetic ear to complain to when it all gets too hard. There’s been some pretty huge things like helping to build stuff, chopping firewood ready for the winter, and loans of cash to help us buy the next lots of building materials.

Doing this has really helped me see how blessed we are to have some really wonderful family and friends, and which ones have actually stuck with us during the not-so-fun times.

It does make me wonder sometimes though, when people say how they’ve can’t afford things…if you want to do something, if you really want it enough you’ll find a way. I would have said there was no way someone could do what we’re doing…but here we are! It’s definitely NOT easy, but it IS achievable if you really work at it.

What would you be willing to give up to help you achieve your dreams?

Till next time lovelies,
Beck xoxo

*** this post was originally published by me on @thisisbeck in 2016. I’ve made a few updates before publishing it here to make sure its still accurate and relevant. ***

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