What We Do:

Basically, the idea is to have this property set up to run and live as sustainably and comfortably as possible.

Right now our main focus is on getting the house finished, (it’s nearly at lock-up YAY!!!)

kitchen window being installed

We’re also working on creating a studio/creative space out of an existing structure, to have a building that will work as an art space/classroom/music room/hang out place, it’s going to be kind of awesome.

There’s a whole bunch of other projects on-the-go too, including:

  • increasing our solar panels and battery storage (even though we’re off grid already, we want to lessen our reliance on the generator we use for backup power.)
  • learning more about using herbs, foods and essential oils to keep ourselves and our family healthy.
  • building an epic cubby/tree house, nature play space for the kids. (I’m looking forward to tackling this when Scout and Carter are a little older and can be involved in the design and building process.)
  • increasing our goat herd and having a steady supply of goat’s milk.
  • having a veggie garden that can supply most of our fresh food needs

and there’s plenty more on the list, but those are the ones we’re focusing on right now.