Part 3: Moving In.

Sooo…. we moved in to the shed on May 23rd.

First morning in the shed. Waking up in front of the fire with my Phoebe <3

The next day I had a Drs appointment.

At the Drs:

Me: “sooo…ummm. my period is late and ummm….I did this test…”

Dr: “yep, you’re pregnant. Congratulations.”

Me: …..


So a coup of days later I went for an ultrasound and….

Yup, 6 weeks and 5 days.

A little jellybean with a heartbeat and everything.

Holy. Shit.

We’re going to be PARENTS.

US….him and me….oh wow!


Sooo…. a week later.

May 29th.

Eurovision weekend, 2010.

We decided it would be a good weekend to visit my family.

I wanted to keep “our news” quiet for as long as I could, at least until everyone was together.

(Well, ok, with one uncle overseas, that wasn’t going to work but at least everyone ELSE, if possible.)

So we got to my Grandparent’s house and said hello.

Not even inside for 5 minutes and my Uncle Vlado offers me a glass of wine….

“Ummmm…..nahhh, I ummm……I can’t…..I’m pregnant!”

(Oh shit. that wasn’t how I  planned to announce it!)


*Cue lots of congratulations, from my uncle and grandparents*

Me: *shhhhh. no, don’t say anything till after I tell Dad”

Finally my Dad and Step-mum turn up.

I sit there, (very awkwardly) and watch the Eurovision Song Contest for half an hour or so, before I finally crack and say to them “how do you feel about becoming grandparents?”

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting as a response… but it wasn’t the happiness and excitement that I got!

(I guess there’s a little part of your brain that goes “omg! you’re telling your Dad that you HAD SEX!!!)

Then I messaged my other Uncle who was on holiday overseas, and said “you better pick up some baby clothes for your new niece or nephew while you’re over there”

He says he almost crashed the hire car when he got the message!

Soooo…. after that, we kept on settling in to the shed, found an architect to draw up our house plans, had a few pre-natal appointments…life kind of just went on.

Getting some sun on the bump, hanging out with Nandie


Stay tuned for part 4

**** this post was originally published on our old blog Mama Up the Mountain/This is Beck in 2011****



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