Welcome to the farm

Hi there, welcome to the very first blog post on our brand-spankin-new website.

I’m Beck,

(for those of you that are new here, I’ll be doing most of the blog/website/social media stuff as my darling husband Kane is a bit of a technophobe. We have a bit of a deal, I do all the computery stuff and he kills the big hairy spiders and chops firewood for me.)

For those of you that have been with me since my old blog, Heart of the Forest is a bit of an evolution for me. When I first started writing, it was to document our journey of moving out here to the forest and building our own house. Over the last few years my blog grew and changed as I did too, having two babies, losing animals, adopting more animals, plenty of ups and downs in our personal lives, I found my blog becoming more about me and less about our family’s journey.

This year, I feel like I’ve come full circle, and I want to bring the two together. Because really, its all connected, all part of the same story.

So here we are, from Mama up the Mountain, to This Is Beck, and now here in the Heart of the Forest.

I’d like to say welcome, and thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

Til’ next time,




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